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You played the game. Now you can take a part of it with you wherever you go -- with the HELLO PENGUIN 2 HD ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, now available on bandcamp.com. Featuring all 19 of your favourite tracks such as "Malice (Gregory)" and "Four Companions".

Buy the soundtrack today to be instantly transported back to Penguin's Realm (but not really, it's just kind of a metaphor like when you remember something really vividly you say "wow, it's like i'm actually there". so you won't actually be going anywhere, but by listening to the music you will feel like you did when you played Hello Penguin 2 HD) by these tracks.

Buy it today for $9.03!





this miraculous book contains 16 full colour pages packed to the brim with all the content you love such as images and text. every time you turn the page there is another one behind it until you reach the end.

HELLO PENGUIN MAGAZINE is fun for all ages with pages that will excite beginners and challenge experts. if you have been looking for an excuse to try books then this is the product for you.


there are currenly 8 issues of HELLO PENGUIN MAGAZINE remaining. once these run out I cant guarantee that there will be more, ever, so if you want one you should get it now. HELLO TEAM places no warrantees or guarantees on the contents of this magazine and claims no responsibility for damages caused by its improper use. if you are not 100% satisfied with your HELLO PENGUIN MAGAZINE then i'll be a bit sad because we worked quite hard on it.

when you place an order please select the shipping option that matches where you are from e.g. if you live in america pick "SHIP 2 USA" this is so the price is correct. I didnt know how to set up the shipping options so I just did this instead. youre on the honour system here i wont make you change it if you pick the wrong one but it does cost me a bit more to send.

please allow approximately 1 week shipping time. magazines will be shipped via canada post standard letter which means that there's no tracking on them sorry it's too expensive. if you don't get yours after like 2 weeks then get in touch with me (noxid at noxid dot ca) and I will look into it or maybe just send you another one.