Perhaps you've heard plenty of stories, but in our world there are still more to tell. In older days, there was a magnificent guardian. It watched over the people from the mountain tops, rose with the sun, and in the morning its greetings boomed throughout the world. This is the way things were, and the way they would remain. That is, until someone climbed those mountains. They spent 20 days and 20 nights scraping their body against the cliffside, climbing ever higher to the domain of penguin. Upon the 20th day they had reached it, the lair of our guardian. When they had first laid eyes upon each other, the adventurer was baffled. What could she say, to the being before her that had filled her people's life with comfort? After a few moments she slowed her thoughts and said two words, one very familiar, and one very alien to her, though its utterance felt as natural as breathing to our brave adventurer.

"Hello... Penguin"

You must wonder why this seemed so strange; Well, before this fateful encounter penguins did not exist. Don't worry, I will explain that in a minute. Now then, that adventurer communicated with the guardian for hours on end. Together they listened to the music of the universe, witnessed the greatness and folly of man, laughed off heat great enough to destroy the world, and flew over the lands. Anything the adventurer wished would come to fruition, all with the guardian's power. But our story does not end here, for when the adventurer felt refreshed, and had seen all her mortal mind could comprehend, she said something else. Something also natural to her, for as a mere human she knew not the gravity of the words she was about to speak.

"Goodbye Penguin"

Then the world grew dark, the skies and the earth inverted themselves and chaos reigned. The adventurer had unknowingly bid the beloved guardian to leave. Upset, our beloved protector proved to us its power, and threatened our world. They say several times over the world came to an end, a concept that is difficult to grasp I am sure. In the bleakest hour, when the former guardian of our world had grown to its peak of power, the adventurer whispered to it. The words that saved our world have been lost to time, but upon hearing them, the ethereal being grew beautiful wings and ascended to a plane even higher than the heavens it looked down upon us from. It shed a single tear on the rise, from which modern penguins would eventually spawn as we know them today.

And so we lived...

They say the wondrous avian deity will return to us someday, though whether its exile above us has led it to love or revile us is a mystery that only time will tell. If you are ever lucky enough to see it, greet it kindly, and never say goodbye...

poster by NightMargin

penguin the penguin; the penguin the two: hello

after yearcades of heroic preparation, the two penguin hello is now here
feast the bodily sensors of your sixth sense upon the beauty that is the penguin
experience joy and sadness as you complete the experience that is
hello penguin 2: two

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